We love to care...

more than a job,

it's a passion...


avid cat sitters

    Our service areas
    (cats & small pets):

  • Frankfurt

  • Eschborn

  • Sulzbach

  • Schwalbach

  • Bad Soden

  • Königstein

  • Kronberg

  • Steinbach

  • Oberursel

  • Bad Homburg

  • Offenbach

Your pets' needs are priority no 1. to us

Most cats feel more comfortable at home than in a catery.


Cats are very sensitive and territorial, and really cherish their entrusted environment (including scents and sounds).

Staying in a catery can be a very stressful experience for some, as many cats are not too fond of

the buzzing activities and unfamiliar sounds surrounding them.

We provide tailored services to fulfill your love bugs needs and tend to all necessities with heart. 

Looking for a neat way to spend some time with cats/pets while earning some money by doing so?