more than a job...'s our passion

Every cat is unique and special,
and so is every household we visit!

At Cat@Home, we pride ourselves on adapting to your love bug's rythm and as cat carers we will dote on your furry friend as much as you do.

Whether your cat needs only simple care or thorough treatment, or you'd like us to look after your property too, there is a cat sitting solution for every fussy feline with us!

We serve with respect to all creatures.


We understand entrusting your pet and property to a stranger does not come easily. Our experiences have given us responsibility for security-guarded multi-million estates as well as small and worn-down flats likewise. No matter what your situation of living, we will always treat you and your privacy with respect and discretion.  

This is our understanding of kindness, to heed for every creature's needs as much as we can.

This is a core value with C@H which we demand from all our team members.


​​​​​​​Hi, I am Claudia, the founder of the Cat-at-Home services. Having had experience with a lovely dog for a number of years in an earlier stage of my life I got the chance to intensively tune in to cats and have been fascinated by their rich characters and undeterred individuality ever since.

Mother to the core I take each pet to heart and care about it with love and all necessary precaution. It matters to me that all those pets entrusted to us have a good time. And nothing elevates more than to see them munch away happily, play or cuddle with joy, even if the owners need to be absent for some time.

These values I seek out when selecting our sitters.

​​​​​​​Hi, I am Mara.

Claudia and Heiko saved me just before being turned in to an animal shelter when I was only 14 weeks old. If you‘d like to see more of me take a look at the gallery where you will find photos of other cats that have been cared for.