our first touch-base visit is free of charge

flexible booking modules for every situation

hand-selected sitters, family-type business

service packages from 12 € up

Basic Services

[20-30 min per visit]

recommended for detached cats

1-2 pets per household


Service package includes

...of course feeding

...refresh water supply

...fresh air litter disposal

...a little playtime or cuddling up mishaps


Minor services included

- shutters open/close

- empty mailbox

- water some plants
  (~1 watering can)

Caring Services 

[45-60 min per visit]

recommended for attached cats

typical for more than 2 pets per household

Caring service package includes

...all Basic Services

...providing medication (oral)

...sufficient time for     



   (important for long-hair cats!)

Overnight Services

[> 8 hours per day]

recommended for cats with special medical and/or emotional needs

Overnight Service package includes

...all Caring Services

...sitter stays overnight

...household lived-in feeling

...special projects for

   dietary change or

   gradual replacement

   of cat litter type 


visit up to 30 min.

visit 45 min.



(more than 8 hours)

up to 6 visits

13,- € / visit

18,- € / visit

45,- € / visit

7 visits min.

12,- € / visit

17,- € / visit

45,- € / visit

additional travel expenses: our catsitters only factor with 20 cent per km